Guided Meditation Brainwave Control for Deep Relaxation, Sleep, and Lucid Dreaming

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Hello, my name is Jody. Welcome to an amazing brainwave meditation for deep relaxation, sleep, and lucid dreaming. Please make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can in a time and a place where you are unlikely to be interrupted. This meditation exercise would be best practised at bedtime or at any time you have time to take a long nap. This is because athe the end of this meditation, you will be entering a state that generates delta brainwaves. Delta brainwaves are those that indicate a person is in the deepest level of peaceful, dreamless sleep. Before you fall asleep, however, you eill be invited to partake in so guided relaxation exercises to slow down and focus the mind in the here and now for best results. After you have full and deeply relaxed you mind and body we will spend some time cultivating each of six brainwave states, gamma, beta, mu, alpha, and theta before coming to rest in delta where I will bid you goodnight with wishes for the most deeply restful sleep you have ever had so you can awake tomorroe alert, focused, and ready to try out your new skill, taking control of your own brainwave patterns to improve your mood and overall level of functioning especially during times that used to cause you stress, upset, or confusion. Please relax, close your eyes if you haven’t already done so and quietly listen to the sound of my coice. Start by lying on your back if you find this position comfortable…you may choose whatever position is most comfortable to you….and you may begin by focusing on your breathing…and whatever it is you are sitting or lying on right now…you could take a few seconds to be aware of each part of you body that in in contact with your bed or chair……and so on and so forth…Good night and sweet dreams…Love Jody.


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