Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes – dairy free, flourless

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Gluten free, dairy free, low sugar, high protein, flourless chocolate cupcakes made with black beans – delicious, good for you and super easy to make.
Bonus sexy stomach abs move while you’re baking!
Today’s video is a recipe for gluten free chocolate cupcakes. A quick and easy dessert recipe that can be made for almost any occasion.
Before I get into the details, I would like to welcome you to Betty Rocker’s Kitchen!
I’ve been told time and time again to not give this away for free, but I love you guys so much and I know the unbelievable positive effect it will have on your mind, body and spirit in just 7 day.
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Today’s post is all about gluten free desserts. I’ve been on a huge gluten-free kick lately, and gluten free cupcakes are just the thing to fill you tummy and keep you feeling awesome.
This recipe is perfect as a gluten free breakfast, gluten free snack, or gluten free dessert.
I should also mention that removing gluten from your diet is especially important if you have insulin sensitivity. So, I would also consider this a diabetic recipe. Anyone with type II diabetes should already be on a gluten free diet, and i you have any questions as to why, please email me.
This is an easy dessert recipe. Start to finish, baking these unbelievable chocolate cupcakes (not including bake time) will take less than 20 minutes.
I plan to make a ton of these gluten free recipes. Gluten free cookies, gluten free pies, gluten free cakes. If it’s a dessert and it’s gluten free then you will see it on my channel sooner or later. If you have any requests for gluten free recipes, be sure to leave comments on any of my videos. And, be sure to check out the complete gluten free play list for other inspired recipes:
My blog offers tips for diets for women and men. Actually diet isn’t the right word for the way I look at food and fitness. I’m all about eating right every day. In fact, I recently wrote a book called “The Body Fuel System” that is chock full of healthy eating tips. And, it’s way more than a diet solution. No shortcuts, just healthy eating every single day. Plus I leave room for great gluten free bakery recipes like this.
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Some of you many still be considering a gluten free diet. So, why should you start experimenting with Gluten Free? Dr. Dena Mendes has a very good explanation:
“What exactly is gluten? I like to keep the definition simple: It’s the glue that gunks up your gut, intestines, lymphatic system, sinus and joints. This, in turn, creates inflammation, which causes pain along with many of the health-related issues we are facing today including fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma, ADD, autoimmune dysfunction, irritable bowel, all manner of gut issues, migraines and cancer. Oh, and did I mention that it makes you fat?”
Now, i wouldn’t say that gluten inherently makes you fat. In fact, i haven’t seen any causality between gluten consumption and adipose tissue synthesis. However, excessive consumption of gluten does lead to a glucose addicted environment similar to excessive sugar consumption. This, if anything, can cause an increase of fat. Our bodies easily fall into the habit of over-consumptions.
For our purposes, i suggest including more gluten-free options in your diet because more complex carbohydrate sources (e.g. oat, amaranth, quinoa, etc) take more time to digest. This allow for a slow release of fiber and glucose (carbs) at a pace your body knows how to handle.


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