GHOST communication thru DOWSING RODS! Contacting the Spirit World. Ghosts are real.

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Obsessed with the Spirit World and Afterlife! Videos of Haunted Locations along with Spirit Communication through divination practices such as the Ouija Board, Seances, Mirroring, Dowsing, Runic Stones, Tarot Cards and many forms of Meditation. We all can contact the spirit dimension by developing our innate intuitive psychic abilities.
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Contacting the Spirit Dimension! Several ghosts seem to be roaming around our home since having a seance several years ago. One has identified herself as Sarah, although the other male ghost has not identified himself. Continuing to make contact with these spirits any others who wish to communicate. Haunting paranormal activity is occurring; loud sounds, doors opening and closing, objects moving, shadowy figures caught on video. I believe these Spirits are attaching themselves to me. They’re following me and roaming around my home! It’s a bit scary having your home haunted by spirits.


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