Discover Dowsing at the Bosnian Pyramids Conference 2014

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Presented by Sandee Mac at the hidden history bosnian pyramids conference. In Bosnia she explored the largest pyramid on earth. The Bosnian pyramids are comparable to those in Egypt and imply that there was a thriving advanced civilization in Central Europe about which we have no knowledge. Sandee is a Dowser and a Shamanic Practitioner with an extensive background rich in training from the latest leading-edge modalities in human potential coupled with practices and techniques sourced in ancient wisdoms.

Special Guest Sandee Mac, President of The American Society of Dowsers ( and a leader of personal & spiritual development for over 30 years in many leading edge fields: Past Life Work, Inka Shamanism, Feng Shui, Preparedness & NLP She is best known for integrating Dowsing in her innovative work. Her life as a dedicated student makes her an excellent and exciting teacher.


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