Daily Tai Chi Lesson – Amazing!

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Learn Tai Chi Chuan – Master Teacher – A Silent Tai Chi or Tai Ji Quan Routine! This Tai Chi routine is taught by David-Dorian Ross with assist by Jake Mace and is an excellent 10 minute Tai Chi routine which has no words! Use this video daily to lead you through this amazing tai chi lesson and if you practice everyday you will see great benefits to your life and Tai Chi skills! :) Tai Chi Chuan is also called Tai Ji Quan and is a famous and ancient form of Chinese “Mediation in Motion” called the “Grand Ultimate Fist”

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In this episode Jake Mace gets a special visit from Tai Chi Master, Student, Teacher, Enthusiast, and Champion David-Dorian Ross! We trained Tai Chi Chuan, Tui Shou, Push Hands, and Meditation in Huntington Beach, California! You can visit David-Dorian for MORE VIDEOS at http://www.YouTube.com/GoWithTheFlowShow

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