…End credit spelling errors soon to be corrected… …We know… Team project by: Ivan Moe- Illustration, Line Work/Color, Final Compositing [More]
Explaining one of the most interesting topics ive ever come across in my life. Lucid dreaming. Its been an important [More]
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Theta binaural beats (Schumann resonance – 7,83 Hz) for Lucid Dreaming
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Lucid dreaming hypnosis | Lucid dreaming Induction for beginners | Astral Projection Binaural beats | Binaural beats Focus and Concentration. [More]
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*NEED HEADPHONES* 100% Credit for music goes Razzie16’s “Enlightened Perspective”. Check out his channel. Lucid dreaming is when you’re are [More]
In this video I discuss MILD Lucid dreaming or (mnemonic induced lucid dream) MILD is a technique that uses repetition [More]
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**THE AFFIRMATIONS WILL FADE IN SLOWLY FROM 6:30, REACHING PEAK VOLUME AT 8:00. This is designed to be listened to [More]