90 Minutes lucid dreaming isochronic tones with binaural beats

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Lucid dreaming track with binaural beats and isochronic tones has been carefully developed to match exact brainwave cycles that is naturally present during sleep.On top of those frequencies it also incorporates gamma wave during REM stage to induce lucid dreaming. All the K-complexes and sleep spindles are also taken care of.
There are also peaks of beta, alpha and theta during REM stage at varying strength.
You can use this track to improve your natural sleep pattern and to induce lucid dream at the same time.
Track contains both the binaural beats as well as the isochronic tones blended with the background music.

Listening: You do not require headphones, however if you can have them in then would certainly make it more effective. Listen to the recording and simply fall asleep.

Lucid dreaming requires being aware of you dreaming and is a very natural process, that happens to every individual.

Please share your lucid dreaming experiences and let me know how this track helped you and how this track can be improved before we produce 8 hours version.

Good luck with your practice and I hope you will have another lucid dream tonight.


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